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What's up next?


As a professional Celtic Harpist, my repertoire continues to grow.


Below, I have listed some favorites for you to browse through.


If you don't see your desired song, let me know and I can prepare one to perform especially for you! 


Why not hear and see me play a bit, while you wait?


I know Where I'm going

Ca' the Yowes

The Butterfly

The Shearin's No For You

Skye Boat Song

Mari's Wedding

Scarborough Faire

Roslin Castle

Danny Boy

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Band O Ravinia


The White Cliffs of Dover


My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Scots Wa Hae

Peerie Joel's Waltz

All Through the Night



Children's Songs/Pop Covers

Magic (I believe)


Time After Time

You've Got a Friend

I've Been Working on the Railroad





TV Show Themes


Inspector Morse

Perfect Day (Beatrix Potter)

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)

Wind in the Willows

Quantum Leap




Piper performs in the following Videos by Fellow Musicians and Entertainers!




Memory (with Sarah Johnson, Flute, 2014)

Mystery Train (with Sarah Johnson, Piano, 2014)

The Lasso (words by Carolyn Decker, 2009)

Turn the Page (with Steve Knecht, 2015)

"When I was Young and Virtuous" (from David V. Rowland's "After the Island", featuring Stephanie Carlson, 2022)

     ^ To lyrics by Jessica Swiercz

Starfyre Willowstream

Corin's End





Christmas in the Trenches

All Quiet Along the Potomac

Frieght Train

Classical & Holiday

Fuir Elise

Pachabel's Canon in D


O Come, Emmanuel

Amazing Grace

Fuir Elise

Winter Wonderland

Ode to Joy

The Holly & the Ivy

Carol of the Bells

Auld Lang Syne

A Music Book for Fellow Harpists!

My etudes "Kita's Strut" & "Koneko Dansu" have been published in Berklee Guide's Contemporary Etudes for Pedal and Lever Harpists. Purchase this book, compiled by the marvelous Felice Pomeranz, on   or



Watermelon Man


I Can't Get Started

Bye Bye Blackbird

As Time Goes By

Take the A Train

Acheson, Topeka & Santa Fe




Rain Dance

Let me Tell You a Story

Island Home

Anne Bonny's Lullaby

A Song of Praise to Lona Marcair

Hannibal Ad Portas ('Hannibal's at the Gates')

My Father's Keys

Green Fingers ('Only the Strangers')

Somewhere Else

What will She Write?

Inspired ('Shoot for the Moon')

I am the Tortoise & You are the Hare

     † To an existing poem or lyric    

Pirates Homeward Bound (trad) 

My Heart's in the Highlands (words by Robert Burns) 

        ^ Part of a larger collection 

Chaucer's Troubadours on The Road to Canterbury

The Road to Canterbury  (prologue)

     * To poems by J.R.R. Tolkien

Middle-Earth Melodies ( **Unofficial Project**)

The Man in the Moon Stayed Up Too Late

I Sit Beside the Fire 

The Mounds of Mundberg 

Lament to Gandalf 

Baggin's Jig (instrumental)

The Hobbit  (instrumental, medley)

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